Expectation Worship has a passion for connecting people with Jesus Christ by creating an environment where people can experience the presence of God through worship. We believe that God inhabits the praises of His people, and we desire for everyone to clearly sense and experience God’s presence each time the church gathers.

Expectation Worship, as a whole, is made up of a dedicated team of worshippers who give of their time and talents in the hope that God is glorified in and through them as they lead people into His presence.

If you’re interested in being a part of our worship team then we would love to hear from you. Currently we are looking for: Male and female vocals, lead guitar, bass, keys, and drums. Fill out the questionnaire below and then simply follow the steps under your instrument and download the chord sheets and mp3s.

Step 1: Know how to sing or play an instrument.

Step 2: Find which instrument you would like to Audition for and download the mp3’s and chord charts assigned to that instrument (buttons at the bottom of the page)

Step 3: Practice the songs. Learn them. Love them.

Step 4: Grab a smartphone, video camera or any device that will record video (& audio). Then record yourself playing each song.

Step 5: Upload your video to YouTube.

Step 6: Under privacy settings, select “UNLISTED” and title with “(YOUR NAME -  EXPECTATION WORSHIP AUDITION.” Then Copy and paste the link to your video in the appropriate box below.

Step 7: Complete the form below.  

Step 8: We will respond in 3 weeks about your next steps. If you have any questions you can email Nikko@expectation.church.

Name *

If you have any questions please email Nikko@expectation.church.


- Expectation Worship Team