The CMPO is an opportunity for our church family to be a special blessing to those who serve

on the front lines of the work of the Kingdom of God and the Great Commission. We encourage

each and every person to give something special today. Click on the support link below. (follow instructions to


Here are some of the missionaries and projects we will be helping through CMPO this year:

Randy & Linda Perkins in Australia: Help with a new vehicle

Nathan & Tiffany Foltz in Tanzania: Help with a new vehicle

Ben & Rachel Jaffe in Iraq: Help with translation of a leadership development resource

Jeff Jones in Dominican Republic: Help with work involving at-risk teens

Rick & Cheri Moeller in Scotland: Help with a new vehicle

Paul & Meagan Hopkins in Peru: Help with a new vehicle

Joshua & Ashley Bell in London: Help with a new vehicle

Mary Herman: Help with travel to Greece & Turkey to help with missionaries

Ole & Renee Konnerup in Kenya: Help with repairs and upgrades to Bible college in Nairobi

Tim & Barbara Downs in Belgium: Help with a new Bible-based school

Unnamed Missionary in R.A.N. (Restricted Access Nation): Help with purchasing a new vehicle for travel

Unnamed Missionary in R.A.N. (Restricted Access Nation): Help with various projects with a foundation

Brennan & Libby Penner in Belgium: Help with new computer and other projects

Lance & Amy Auterson in France: Help with various projects

Doug & Nedra Shoultz in Turkey: Help with travel costs

Kevin & Brittany Worley in Amsterdam: Help with a new vehicle

Don Kroah with an organization in Nigeria: Help with furnishings, equipment, and supplies for new medical facility

Mark Johnson in Thailand: Help with a new vehicle

George & Luisa Dimakos in Greece: Help with gifts (blankets, scarves, & gloves) for refugees

“From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been

entrusted with much, much more will be asked.” (Luke 12:48 NIV)