NIKKO CUSTODIO • Worship Leader


Nikko grew up in an Air Force family, moving all around Europe and the states for a majority of his childhood.  He has packed up and moved to Germany, Oklahoma, and Illinois before finally settling down in the Northern VA area in 2005.  Nikko has two older sisters, Katrina and Anna, who acted as huge role models to him growing up.  He followed in their footsteps of participating in competitive gymnastics at a young age, which ended up being critical in his later career of high school wrestling.  He also has a passion for musicals, creating music from many different angles, expressing himself through the freedom of dance, and eating all of the food from all of the places.

This church is truly one of the places that is home to Nikko.  He came to faith here in 2008 and served as a part of the worship team in the youth group, called Velocity at the time.  Serving in this ministry allowed Nikko to really connect with others in a way that he never had before, sparking a fire in his heart to get to know and follow Christ.  Everything came full circle and eventually, Nikko came onto the Expectation team this July of 2016 as a Worship Leader.

Outside of church, you can find him searching for the craziest, tastiest foods, watching anime or gaming, or playing and learning any instrument that he can get his hands on.