Pastor David Stokes is the Senior pastor of Expectation Church based in Fairfax, VA. Along with his early ministry education in theology and divinity, he holds degrees in history and political science (M.A. Long Island University). David has been married to his wife Karen for more than 40 years and they have three daughters and seven wonderful grandchildren. For more info on our Pastor, visit his page here.

Karen met David Stokes during her first semester at Baptist Bible College in Springfield, MO in the fall of 1975.   David spotted Karen on the first day of classes that semester in Speech 101.  He made a mental note to ask out the cute freshman when he next saw her. Unfortunately the cute brunette was a no show at the next session because when she found out public speaking was a part of the course, she promptly dropped the class.  Good thing God was on David's side and they soon met again in the traveling singing group The Singing Patriots. 

While you may never hear Karen speak onstage at Expectation Church, she is a strong voice in the Stokes family and a faithful supporter of her husband during his ministry over the past 36 plus years. She is lovingly called "Day" by her grandkids, a term most of the other kids at Expectation Church have adopted as well.  She works during the week as her husband's assistant, but her favorite role is Mom to her 3 daughters and Day to her 7 grandkids.  She's such a hands on grandma that the UPS delivery man recently asked if she ran a daycare out of her house.   She doesn't, but that's how much her family is in and out of her home to spend time with her.  

Karen serves faithfully at Expectation in the Nursery every Sunday morning before sitting on the front row to hear her husband and favorite preacher speak.