PASTOR ROY DOWDY • Pastoral Care & Counseling


Roy was fortunate to have grown up on both sides of the Detroit River. Born in Wyandotte, Michigan, when he was 11 years old Roy’s family moved to Ontario, Canada, where his father pastored for many years. Roy himself has been in full time ministry on both sides of the border for almost 30 years as a church planter, worship leader, and in multiple pastoral roles.  Over the past 18 years he’s had the privilege to work alongside Pastor Stokes three times, starting with ministry on Long Island and now in Virginia.

Roy is a Registered Psychotherapist in the Province of Ontario and an Affiliate Member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy.  He’s worked as a licensed clinical counsellor for 4 years and is working toward completing the hours required for Clinical Membership with AAMFT.  His practice focuses on families, couples and individuals working from a Family Systems perspective with a faith-based approach.

He sees his greatest accomplishments his daughters Ceilidh and Sarah and his 26-year marriage to Tracey, his best friend and partner in crime. Roy also does a killer running man. Invite him to your wedding – you’ll see.