About Expectation

Expectation Church exists so that people far from God will experience faith in Christ.


Where does the name, Expectation Church come from? In 1792 missionary, William Carey, addressed a small group of people about the need for Christians to tell the world about Jesus. In his address he said the famous words, "expect great things; attempt great things." As we seek to accomplish our mission so people far from God will experience faith in Christ we wait in eager Expectation for what God will do as we attempt to do great things for Him. That's why we are called, Expectation Church.

Our Values

Welcome Home

Every person is worth celebrating.


Outward Focused

We must go to the one unreached.


Dependent in Prayer

Actively relying on God.


Meeting Needs

Demonstrating the integrity of our faith.


Passion Over Comfort

The calling is worth the cost.