Care & Counseling

We seek to walk with individuals needing support with life circumstances so they see the heart of Christ.

Prayer Requests

Prayer is how we experience intimate relationship with God. It connects us with God and is essential for fulfilling His purpose for our lives. It is our honor to pray with you.

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Counseling Team

The Counseling Team believes in God's Word and His Works.  We believe that God's Word is completely true and his Works (creation) display his truth as well. We use the truth found in both tracks to build a complete plan of mental health for spiritual and emotional growth.


If you’re in a season of life where you're considering or entering into a Christian marriage at Expectation Church we want to be of assistance to you as you take the next steps towards this important and special time in your lives.

At your convenience read through the following information and if you seek additional clarity about our wedding policies or facilities rental form please reach out to us at