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eStudents exists to create a place where you belong.

What to Expect

eStudents meets every Sunday in eStudents room:
• 6th-8th grade at 11am during service
• 9th-12 grade at 5 to 7pm

We provide intentional opportunities to invest in students so they can invest in others. Our goal is for students to know they have adults that care about them, believe in them, and are willing to help them navigate the challenges and victories in life. The best way we do this is by breaking into small groups.

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Small Groups

Each time we meet, students break out in small groups with a trusted and committed leader. During this time, students are given the opportunity to personally connect with a trusted adult leader and one another.

eStudents Gaming

eStudents hosts game nights, livestreams, and more on YouTube. It is important to us to create a place where you belong in person and online. Follow eStudents on YouTube to stay connected online.

Parent Resources
Connect with us.

If you have more questions or concerns, our team is happy to connect with you. You can email