Expectation Church provides numerous opportunities to volunteer within the church.

  • In 1 Corinthians 12:12-18

    Paul illustrates that the church is one body made up of many different individuals who have placed their faith in Jesus. Each of us has a role, function, talent, and spiritual gift that is to be used to edify the church.

  • Later, in Ephesians 4:12-16

    Paul reminds us that we are to build each other up and use the gifts God has given us as measured out by God for His use in the church.

Opportunities to encourage and strengthen one another.

Each option is discussed in greater detail in the 201 Class of our Growth Track.

Connection Team

Connections is all about making people feel welcome because every person is worth celebrating. The Connections Team is our guest's first impression, and we take pride in being focused on Expectation Church's core value, Welcome Home

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Hospitality Team

Our Hospitality Team focuses on caring for our church family and guests both behind the scenes and throughout the building to create a comfortable and welcoming environment.


eKids and eKids Jr are passionate about teaching kids that Jesus loves them so they can have that firm foundation and hope for life. A myriad of volunteer roles are available, from teaching to hall monitor. If you have a heart for children, we have a place for you.


eStudents meets on Sunday nights from 5-7 pm. We make every student know they belong and are loved by God exactly how they are. Serving with eStudents allows you to mentor the next generation of church leaders.

Production Team

Production is passionate about supporting the quality of our sermons and worship by creating an atmosphere that matches that through quality audio and visuals. Volunteer roles range from camera operator and lighting tech to audio mixing and stagehands.

Creative Team

The Creative Team is about adding finesse to everything we do. If you are skilled in any visual art or have a knack for social media or editing, this is the team for you!

Prayer Team

Our prayer team is intentional about drenching our services in prayer. Every Sunday, they gather with the speaker and pray over them and God's message on their hearts.

Worship Team

The worship Team is made up of musically talented vocalists and musicians with a passion for leading and engaging others in worship.


Our Security Team comprises safety-minded individuals passionate about keeping members and guests safe.

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Care Team

The Care Team cares for our church by praying regularly over requests and sending encouraging cards.

GMU Shuttle Driver

We offer a George Mason University student shuttle every Sunday to provide safe and reliable transportation to our 11a service.

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H2 Team

The H2 Team ministers to those in extraordinary circumstances like grief, loss, or other crises by visiting them in their homes, hospitals, or assisted living facilities.

Meal Team

Our meal train ministry allows you to provide home-cooked meals or restaurant gift cards when families are in need due to surgery, hospitalization, or family crises.

Project Team

Expectation Church's campus and facilities are open and used almost every day of the week. Our Projects Team keeps everything looking and functioning at its best.

We cover many needs, including organizing, decorating, gardening, landscaping, and crafting. In addition, we sometimes have people in our community ask for assistance, and our team is honored to help them as well.

Daylight Childcare for Groups

We have eGroups that meet during the day that need help with childcare. This meets a need in our church by allowing individuals to engage in a group that they would otherwise be unable to attend.