Our goal in eKids Jr and eKids is to make sure every child knows: God is real and God loves me. Our teams provide a fun, engaging experience where your child will be connected with a group their age. In these groups, your children will experience a lesson from the Bible with applications they can use every day of their lives.  Safety and security is something we value greatly. Every adult volunteer in our children’s ministry is background checked and trained to keep your child safe. Our hallways are also monitored by our security team during our worship experiences.

If you have any questions regarding our Children’s ministry, you can contact Pastor Austin@Expectation.Church

During your first visit, you can head to our eKid’s check-in area. You will be greeted by one of our Check-In Connectors who is excited to meet your family and connect your children to eKids Jr and eKids.

We value safety for your children. At check-in, we will need some information including: your child(ren)’s name(s) and birthday(s), grade level (if applicable), parent/family member’s name, email address, phone number, and any special instructions (allergies, medical notes, etc.)

Your child will receive a sticker with their name and information on it and you will also receive a sticker with a unique 4-digit code. If we need to reach you for any reason during the worship experience, we will contact your phone number first. In the event we are unable to reach you, your unique 4-digit code will be displayed in the lower corner of the screen(s) in the auditorium. This sticker will also be what you will use to pick up your child after the worship experience.

eKids Jr. is a fun and safe experience where we use engaging activities, fun songs, and creative games to help young children know: God is real and God loves me. We incorporate hands-on activities along with storytelling to incite wonder in the hearts of children as they learn more about God’s Big Story.

eKids Jr. engages in intentional activities and lessons with young children to help them learn:

1) God made me.
2) God loves me.
3) Jesus wants to be my friend forever.

eKids is an high-energy, high-impact environment where kids experience age- appropriate lessons and activities that help them know: God is real and God loves me.

Kids are placed into age-appropriate groups and attend a large group experience with high-energy worship music, live acting and storytelling, and videos followed by small group time to help kids connect with God’s Big Story and the plan He has for their life. 

Each month, we explore a specific biblical virtue. These virtues help kids learn more about who God is and how God wants us to live.